The idea of writing in English was stuck in my mind for quite some time, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it, because I know my English is not pitch perfect. However, today I’ve seen something that pissed me off a bit too much and decided to make a post about it. In English – so it could reach more people.

As you girls probably already know, I’ve spent my last week on Brač, a beautiful Croatian island with amazing beaches. Earlier this morning I went for a walk with my family’s westie. We walked towards our favourite beach not far from our “home” and observed the sea crashing into the shore (was a bit windy). There were some pieces of plastic, ice cream boxes, a boot (Guess boot, if I might add, such a shame :P), and… fucking SANITARY PAD! With actual blood on it (not seen because the waves turned it over, lucky you, I almost threw up). How can it possibly cross your mind to change your pad on the beach, and throw the nasty bloody thing in the water?!

We’re in Splitska, the part of the city with the most beautiful houses, expensive cars, lots of foreign people. The beaches are beautiful and mostly very tidy, at least the ones we visit. But those rocky beaches near the road are full of trash. I know, the sea bring the trash there. Nevertheless, someone had to throw that stuff in the water. What you can’t see can’t hurt you, right? You throw it in the big ocean and the trash magically disappear. For you maybe! What about the animals? I’m not even going to post all those grotesque photos that show the consequences of such behavior, the consequences of animals digesting trash or getting stuck in it.

I’ll just leave this photo here and slowly walk away backwards.

EDIT: Just half an hour after I’ve posted this post, I went for a ride with a four-wheeler. Alone. Decided to try going off-road. I came by an old abandoned-looking house with a small cage with a dog in it. He could barely make a step in it. It made me so fcking sad… Couldn’t go near it because of all the fences. I’d say humans are such an animals, but I don’t want to make injustice to the latter.